Braintoy is a now defunct (I think?) Toronto rock band I came across a long time ago.  For a rock band, I find them very trance … they had a groove. They had a unique sound I haven’t heard many places.  Very much progressive rock.  With a heavy bottom.

I came across their music on the (also) now defunct Denver based Chronix Radio.  One of the early icecast radio stations serving the metal genre. I caught onto Chronix pretty early (’99?) after they started; I had a similar interest, and I was gett’n after it with my start-up PlanetGig at the same time. I remember sending in a donation to support the guys there as I loved what they were doing, and out of the blue, getting tons (maybe hundreds) of stickers in the mail back in return. Original logo! Collectors items.  F’n love start-ups.

Anyways, Braintoy was in rotation one day. They immediately caught my ear; they had it. Doesn’t seem like they ever really took off though other than maybe a cult following, and now their site is also down. I can’t find much recent history on them.  Their facebook page has a post from 2012 that says they are recording again.

They still have some youtube clips up. This is one of my favs.

I managed to capture an original live version of As Am I, which I’ve had in my personal library for at least a decade … and I can’t find this track _anywhere_ on the web … this might be the only captured instance of it. Hope they don’t mind! I think it’s better than the professional studio version (the soundcloud clip below).

“produced” version of As Am I via Soundcloud (I like this version _much_ less):

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