Read this:

It’s a good piece by Tom Rosenstiel, talking about, in-part, what has been wrong with “journalism,” and what journalism needs to become.

He elaborates on these broad topics (#3 is really important, I think).

  1. Journalists must understand the new landscape is structural and not about the election
  2. Journalists must begin to do their verified reporting out in the open, with the public—news as “collaborative intelligence.”
  3. Journalists must invent new story forms that reveal the skeleton of their reporting, raise the bar of verification, and show consumers why they should trust them.
  4. We need journalists to do a better job labeling what is news reporting, what is an opinion piece, and what is news analysis.
  5. We need journalists to cover what is important, not bark at every car.
  6. We need journalists to keep their cool.
  7. Understand how information flows.

A lot of it addresses how reporting, journalism, and news exists (and is distributed) and how it is impacted by the new modern era of digital content, which I found insightful.

It’s a broader discussion, perhaps, but there is also a real element of entertainment, and how that now plays into how & why people consume “news” in the first place; this piece may be at an interesting intersection:





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